Restaurant "Vëllezërit Shaholli" founded since 30.01.2003 located in one of the most beautiful side of Korca with a panoramic view of the city, Restaurant "Vëllezërit Shaholli" is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional Mediterranean-meal. The history of the Restaurant its beginnings in Greece, as a family business where after a 12-year experience, culinary arts turned into passion leading to the family. As a result, its beginnings were focused on Greek cooking and then, over the years, turned into an enterprise for major events family. Experiences over the culinary market went beyond traditional cooking, having paved the way specialization in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Capable as well to host a number of quite wide of 1,200 customers per day available two rooms restaurants with large halls and two facilities taverns, today Restaurant "Vëllezërit Shaholli" offers variety of options to explore specialties various regional and Mediterranean. The service offered is quite qualitative and cultured as waiter’s staff is attentive to customers and tended to respond quickly to their needs. Restaurant "Vëllezërit Shaholli" guarantees professional environments kitchen and modern-qualified staff 12 years of experience guarantee quality and unique style